At IFRU we are experienced and entirely focused on quality of life

At the IFRU

Along with the physician assistants, nurses and office staff, provide exceptional personalised care

We offer excellent Urological care which is covered under the GESY Health System


Physicians and their relationships with their patients constitute all the times the animating principle of each country health care system

At IFRU, we recognising that the center-of-care is focus to patients, so we are investing in systems to meet patients’ needs and boost patient satisfaction wishes.

My priorities is to treat the patient who is seeking quality outcome.

The values, principles, plans and leadership of the IFRU and facilities are geared towards individualised care for patients.
Listening to patients in the treatment process builds trust and lessens patient anxiety, while the individualised Patient Care reduces the worries of the patients, aside from the sickness they are battling.

These are surrounding challenges they face such as personal, financial, emotional, familial concerns and the like. Knowing these helps to facility to determine the best course of treatment and medication to employ given the situation of the patient.

Doctor/Patient partnership in decision-making with regards to care and treatment plan is priority as care and treatment aim to provide holistic well-being for patients. The family members are encouraged to be always present and participative in the care setting of the patient. The information and updates are keys to making informed decisions by the patient and their families.

We pay careful attention to the special needs of each individual patient and all family members. We offer diagnosis and solutions for the full spectrum of urologic conditions, including:
Bladder control problems • Neurogenic bladder Urodynamics: Multichannel urodynamics, Uroflowmetry, EMG, Biofeedback
• Prostate: Prostate enlargement• Prostate cancer 
Urology surgical : Minimal invasive procedures
Urinary incontinence treatment (including male & female urinary incontinence treatment) Male & Female slings, Artificial sphincter
Infection diseases: UTIs and STDs : infections that are spread from one person to another, usually during sex. 

ED treatments: Premature ejaculation • Impotence ,penile prosthesis
• Vasectomy & vasectomy reversal Fertility : microsurgery Varicocelectomy , conservative management

This is an incredibly stressful time for halthcare professionals around the world

During this extraordinary time, we are very aware that our patients will be concerned not only about the Coronavirus / COVID-19, but for their general health, including any urological conditions for which they have been referred or for which they are already under investigation and treatment.

Visits only with SAFE PASS


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