Brief CV

European Certified Urological Surgeon

Children & Adults  Male & Female

President of the Urodynamics, Neuurology & Female Urology, Section of the Hellenic Urological Association

Excecutive Board Memebr at the MIPS, Metiderranean Incontinence & Pelvic Floor Society

ICS Education Committee member

ICS Continence Promotion Committee Member

ExDirector of Urology

Urological department of Ippokratio Gen. Hospital Thessaloniki, Greece

Head of Female Urology, Neurourology, Urodynamics and Pediatric Urology

President of the Urological Association of Northern Greece 2009-2012

Vice President of Greek section of Female urology Neurology and Urodynamics

Board Member of ESFFU

ICS Cadaveral course Trainer ,Oporto, August 20-22, 2012



High school

Laniteio Gymnasium, Limassol

Medical School
Aristotle’s University, Thessaloniki, Greece 1982

Fellowship in Pediatric Urology Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN, USA 1995, 

Urology, Ippokratio General Hospital, Thessaloniki, Greece, January 1983- June 1988

Consultant Urological Surgeon
Ippokratio General Hospital May 1989 – December 2011

Board certificate
Fellow of the European Board of Urology 1992

European Certified Urological Surgeon

Impact of Urodynamics investigations in children with Nocturnal Enuresis

read on line the full version

Urodynamics Southsmead Hospital, Bristol UK, 1992

Master class Denver, USA, April 1994

Pediatric Urology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, USA 1995
Female Urology Incontinence Liege, Belgium 2004
Female Urology Prolapse Glenmont Ferrand France 2005
Female Urology Prolapse Amsterdam 2006

Female Urology Prolapse-incontinence Montpellier France 2009

Board Associations Membership
Hellenic Urological Association 1984
European Association of Urology 1984
American Urology Association 1995
Urological Association of Northern Greece 1984
(1989 Member of the committee, 1996-1998 and 2006-2008 General Secretary,

2010-2012 President of the Urological Association of Northern Greece)
International Continence Society 2004                                                                                                                                                     Member of the ICS Education Committee (started 24 October 2008- 2011 -Renewed until 2014

Fistula sub-com

Cadaveric sub-com
International children’s Continence Society 1996
International Urogynegology Association 2004
ICS School of Urodynamics 2007

Member of the Pelvicperiniolgy Association 2007

Pediatric Urology,( Urinary tract infections; Hypospadias; Undescended testicle; Reflux; Nocturnal enuresis; urodyanamics etc).
Female incontinence (failed previous operations; sling surgery; urinary fistulas)
Male incontinence (bladder control problems after prostate surgery; male sling; artificial sphincter)
Urodynamics (male; female; children)

Neurourology (Central Nervous System disorters ( Parkisson, MMultiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer etc)., Spinal cord injuries, Dibetes Bladder etc.

Congresses, Presentations, Lectures, chairman,

National and International

Courses organizer 

  1. ICS Educational course, Thessaloniki, May 11th -12th 2008

Local coordinator (lectures etc)

  1. 6th Macedonian Urological Symposium ,6th – 8th November 2007

General Secretary: organizing and scientific committee, chair, workshops

  1. 3 Days Bristol Urodynamics course, Thessaloniki, December 11th – 13th , 2008

Local coordinator (lectures, etc)

  1. Workshop IUGA Como Italy, June 2009 chair
  2. Workshop Greek-German Congress Kos Island June 2010 chair
  3. 8th Macedonian Urological Symposium November 2011, President

Current position

Institute of Functional & Recontructive Urology

Limassol, Cyprus

95 Griva Digeni Ave., 3101 Limassol, CY



Tel: +357 25 587711


+357 99723295

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